Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition HD Remaster Arrives April 3rd!

     Not only did we finally get the highly anticipated official Borderlands 3 reveal trailer, but we also get a complete remaster of the original game for current gen systems.  It looks to be one hell of a visual upgrade to ultra high definition.

     This Game of the Year Edition includes all 4 DLC packs, along with some quality of life improvements, as well as what looks to be a few currently unannounced extras- just take a look at the differing character heads towards the end of the trailer which were not in the original game.

     This is definitely the Year of the Borderlands, marking Gearbox's triumphant return as a developer after the poorly received Battleborn, and the whole Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco.

     Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition drops April 3rd on PS4, XBox One, and Steam.

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