Marvel Future Fight: Mysterious Messages Hint Towards Next Update & Thoughts

     The official Marvel Future Fight website has posted two new hints at the near future of the game. Netmarble always gives their player base a series of clues to the next wave of incoming characters and levels, bits at a time and allows us to try and figure out what we're getting. For this one we get some codes to decrypt.

     The first one reads:
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
Our journey's into the future have seemingly stopped. It seems that we have altered realities one too many times, which has blocked our abilities to see into the future. This is not good as just last month our seers helped us in preventing catastrophic damage to Asgard! 
We have however managed to intercept messages sent through the fabric of time by our future selves, in order to reveal at least something in the upcoming update. We have no idea what it means, and we tried the lottery, and it doesn't seem to be that. Can you help us decipher the numbers and bring meaning to what is coming? 
051 032 078 069 087 032 067 072 065 082 065 067 084 069 082 083
     The second one reads:
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
More jumbled code has been discovered. We have our codebreakers working on deciphering the code, but we're starting to suspect that they have absolutely no clue what they're doing. We're forwarding this code to you, agent, so that you may decipher the code and bring light to the information that we can't decipher. 
     For those of you that do not wish to be spoiled finish reading the post here.  For those that want to skip to the good stuff, click the "read more" below to see the decoded messages and my thoughts.

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     In the first message, it's an ASCII to text message and translates to "3 New Characters."

     The second one is a more traditional cypher.  Using the old style of sliding letter order that looks more like this:
CODE +3 - D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B C
     Which translates the code to mean "ALL NEW THREE CHARACTERS ARE FEMALE."

     It's always nice to be getting more new characters, and I don't really care what their gender is.  As long as they are fun to play as.  The more the merrier and all.  Now, I am curious as to which three new ladies we'll be seeing, as well as wondering if we'll be getting any new costumes for characters that still only have one.  Seriously, Venom could use another costume as he hasn't received one the entire length the game has been around, and Jessica Jones could do with her classic "hero" costume.
     I believe we could be seeing Kate Bishop because we tend to see multiple characters that are like other ones we already have- all the damn Spider-People, Hulks, and so on.  Though with all the focus on the future Inhumans, I'm guessing characters like Medusa and Crystal would be far more likely.
     Sadly, we could be seeing yet ANOTHER spider character with Spider-Woman.  There's a decent possibility of America Chavez or Monica Rambeau as well.  But on the other hand, there's a small chance we could get Moon Girl (with a summon-able Devil Dinosaur) which would be pretty damn cool.  Or maybe we'll get Valkyrie seeing as she was left out of the Asgard update. (along with Idris Elba's badass Heimdall.)

     Perhaps we'll even see if we might be seeing any mutants since Netmarble's taking over of Kabam's Marvel game property.  While I personally still think that it won't be happening, but there's always a chance and it is worth mentioning.  This could be a precedent setting update that changes the course of where the game heads if mutants do make an appearance.

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