Logan: Trailer 2: Quick Thoughts and X-23 in Action

     The second trailer for Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine film has arrived, and Logan is looking good.

     The new direction the series is taking appears to be a welcome departure from the pure action of the other films and moving towards a traditional old western type feel.  I have to say I like the girl they cast as Laura "X-23" Kinney.  She seems to have the role down well, although some of the flips and jumps in scenes look like ridiculous wire-work (same for Logan himself).

     All in all, this should be a better movie than the last few, hopefully better than X-Men: Apocalypse as well.  I mean there's a few odd looking shots that definitely don't look "right" (as I said the absurd flips/jumps always look "wrong or off"), but other than that the story appears to be cut down to the essentials which bodes quite well for how poorly it's been handled in the past.

     Another thing I'd like to wonder about is Professor X.  I have a sneaky suspicion that he's "Sixth Sense-d" himself into the mind of Logan.  Or what if he's got Dementia or Alzheimer's- think of how dangerous someone with telepathy would be on that scale.  There's the potential for him to inadvertently kill, mind wipe, or cause mass hallucinations to everyone around him.  That could be a truly staggering story if handled properly.  I won't cross my fingers on that one though.

     Logan Arrives in Theaters on March 3.

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