Star Wars: Uprising: The Rebellion Has Been SHUT DOWN

     I received a slightly disappointing email a few hours ago.  Apparently the only Star Wars mobile game I actually enjoy is shutting down.  It sounds like the Empire is winning.  First LucasArts closes shop (taking 1313 with it), the amazing looking Maul game got cut down, then Disney Infinity became finite, and now the Uprising has been quashed.
     There aren't many good Star Wars games that are available, and even less so for mobile.  Which makes this that much more sad.

     Kabam's email:
"Despite the best efforts of our team here at Kabam, unfortunately, Star Wars: Uprising will soon be decommissioned. On November 17th, 2016, all Star Wars: Uprising servers will be shutting down permanently. As part of this shutdown, we will be shutting down payments on November 17th, 2016 to prevent additional payments from occurring. For information about the shutdown, please visit the FAQ HERE or your in-game message. We hope that you enjoyed Star Wars: Uprising, and would like to invite you to come check out one of Kabam’s other great mobile games, listed below. Finally,We would just like to again thank you for your commitment to Star Wars: Uprising. We hope to see you again soon!"
     I never did get to posting a review, but I spent a lot of time playing Uprising.  It had a really good feel for a mobile MOBA of sorts- with levels, missions, and goals and so on.  There was a decent level of customization and character differentiation with varying factions to join and compete against.   Kabam had somehow crammed far more entertainment into Uprising than I would've guessed was possible.  The game had a lot to like.  But of course, if the income isn't coming in, maintenance and work on the game cannot support itself.

     If you'd like to experience the game you'll have until 9am Pacific time on Nov. 17th, 2016.

Here's a couple shots of my character- Sella Lazru.

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