Say no to SOPA PIPA!!!

Sorry I've been out injured and feeling like crap for a while, but all this SOPA crap has got me worked up.
More real posting with art and words and entertainment to follow this return to blogging post.

Here's what I think about this absurd bill:  It's shit. 
I would much rather have people steal some of my images and know who I was(free advertisement) than be stuck under the SOPA bill.  Sure, I make crap for money, but the things I've downloaded I ALSO ALREADY BOUGHT!!!

Anyway, thank goodness for Google's Blacked out protest logo, and Wiki's only availiable page being that of the SOPA bill page.  Very well played by them.  Great ideas indeed.

Here's a stolen picture I added words to.  Appropriate for my stance on this topic.  Everyone knows it's not my pic, it's Gandalf.  The words I added, and I guarantee some others have made similar things.  If so THANK GOD for similar thinking.  I want their access to their ideas and thoughts, even if they are different.  Not censored.  With a dash of humor.

I've downloaded comics- Such as DC comic's Intimates.  I have bought 3 copies of the first 4 issues, and 2 of the rest.  So I decided, after paying for them in hard copy multiple times, I'd download digital ones.

Dark Horse Conan comics- I bought issues 1-40something as well as the first 5 trades.  So I downloaded duplicates of the ones I've bought.

Same goes with movies and music.  Big Trouble in Little China?  I own it on VHS, DVD, and BluRay.  Two days ago I bought the 2 disc soundtrack, and soon I will have a digital copy, that I downloaded.

I've gotten zero credit for many ideas and creations that I've made, and guess what, I'm ok with that.

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