Ancient Classics

I have the odd desire to start a petition for an audio book series of The Illiad and The Odyssey read by Homer... Simpson.
Come on people, how hilarious would that be? The voice of Homer Simpson reading the books, and adding his own little commentary and strange noises.
Epic battles, stories of runaway love, tales of old gods feuding, and mysterious fabled lands told in a way that only Mr. Simpson can. With all his own odd additions- drooling noises and Doh's would be absolutely necessary. Then again the series would end up being like 20 hours long... but TOTALLY worth it!

If it sold well someone could try to market a Peter Griffen reads the Eddas or the Bible or something.


  1. MMMMMMMM Lotus shlurp.
    Yeah it could work. ;)

  2. That is a REALLY good idea, Dan Castellaneta would be perfect on the improv moments. But I don't think Seth MacFarlane would do the Bible, him being Atheist and all. He'd most likely see it as a waste of time I'd bet.