Post Workout Shake

After doing some heavy weightlifting and a 5 mile run at the gym, I decided to get a Super-Duper-Mega-Ultra-Protein shake.
I ordered a Rhaspberry/Mango Shake, it having the most protein, at 40grams.
What I got was something like a tangy red-orange cup of tidal-washed beach sand.

So, with my keen detective skills and highly developed taste buds, I will provide what may very well be, the recipe for the nourishing "drink" I had.

1 powdered mango
8 powdered rhaspberries
1 packet of protein shake mix
2 cups skim milk
as much sand that you can possibly put in the cup without it overflowing



  1. See that's why you should go for the raspberry mocha frappe. Raspberry, coffee and chocolate are the three main food groups all in one drink. ;)

  2. So... what you're saying... it was good.


  3. Actually, as Straight_UP knows, I am highly allergic to chocolate, so my replacement would be my vice of choice- cheese. Sweet, sweet cheeses... (gurgle, gurgle... drool...)

  4. Oh, it was only an OK shake. Only OK.