Slaughter 3: Closing in on a Release Date

     The day of release for the third installment of the badass mobile 3rd person shooter game Slaughter is nearing.  I was a massive fan of the first game, and an even bigger fan over the sequel which introduced a number of drastic improvements over the first.  It had better graphics, better gameplay, an arena mode, and even a 1st person mode for those that might dislike the 3rd person version.
     Recently developer Ray Spark has posted more new images for the upcoming Slaughter 3 featuring a great leap in graphical quality and environmental details.  Check out the images below. 

     The chain link fence in the sewer looks amazing, the dusky sky and street light are phenomenal, and the texture work on the rubble ground is damned fine.  It should be noted that Spark says the icons are currently only placeholders, and there's currently a lot of "unnecessary elements in the levels."  Regardless, they look awesome so far.

     According to his Facebook page, the story is almost done and the game's final polishing will begin relatively soon.  I for one, am greatly anticipating Slaughter 3's release date when it arrives.  The exact date has not yet been officially announced.

     All I can say for now is go check out the first two Slaughter games, and give them a chance as they are fun as hell.  They've got action, humor, and a pretty damned decent story.

     For an interview with the developer I did back in Dec. 17 [ Link ]

     Slaughter is $2.49 on Google Play ] and $0.99 on [ iOS ]

     Slaughter 2: Prison Assault is $2.49 on [ Google Play ] and $0.99 on [ iOS ]

     Source [ Venomized Art ]

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