Borderlands 3: Official Announce Trailer: Launch Day & Epic Games Exclusivity

     Well, today is a momentous occasion- we get both great news with the official launch date (Sept. 13th, 2019), alongside some pretty crap news.  We have official confirmation that Borderlands 3 will not launch on Steam, but instead will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for 6 months.

     I don't like to be a naysayer, but this is not a move people like.  The Epic Game Store has been in some serious controversies (primarily the spyware potential and privacy policies/data protection problems- as seen in this wonderful explanation video by Yong Yea).  Steam having competition is a very good thing, but the way things are being handled are not.  Making this worse is the limited features of the store in general.

     I've been a Borderlands supporter since the original launched a decade ago, and this is the first time I will not be buying it on PC.  I will not support it on the Epic Game Store, I absolutely refuse to use it and will wait the 6 months of exclusivity to get it on Steam with my other Borderlands games.  That said, I'll still be purchasing it on Playstation 4 as that is my primary console (outside of PC).

     To read how displeased many, MANY fans are just scan through the responses on the official @Borderlands tweet.  And for even more, the link to the official trailer has a plethora of disapproval throughout the comments section.  It isn't the best idea to crap on Steam users.  Sorry 2K, but this was not a good decision at all.

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