Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City: New Screenshots Revealed

     With a mere 3 weeks until the release of the final Dark Souls 3 DLC content, The Ringed City, we are sure to get tons of teaser hype.  Today Bandai-Namco and From Software have given us a bunch of new images and snippets of text to whet our appetites.

An ancient city that has sunken under darkness.
Many things have sunken, but at the same time, many have arose.

Because there may be spoilers contained in the images and descriptions click to continue:

A Ringed Knight, who is one of the old knights. 
The withered sword, which was sealed by the Gods in the past, seems to have regained its past appearance.
A knight covered in heavy armor whom you encounter at Dreg Heap. 
If trusting his words, the knight has become a hollow who has lost his memory. 
The knight seems to continue his journey in order to gain back his forgotten memory.
A gray giant who appears to wear the old judicator clothes. 
Raising its hands up in the air, the giant is shouting towards the ceiling.Seems it's calling someone far up in the sky.
An ancient weapon with demented, tangled remains. 
The Mad King still lives inside and when the King awakens,it emits the power to protect the master. 
Though the King could be whimsical.
The Chaos Fire itself is a curved sword as it transforms into a sword shape.  
It could be a weapon to be used as a sword or simultaneously, as pyromancy.
A Dragon that breathes fire.  
As it sinks into the darkness, black crystals that appear on its body fly into the air.  
At last, the dragon may be consumed by the darkness…
     Considering this will be the last "Souls" game I'm glad it's ending.  Though more spiritual successors will be inevitable, I would like to see more similar games like Bloodborne, though NOT a sequel to Bloodborne- it's too perfect and shouldn't be sullied with unnecessarily extending its story.

     I wouldn't mind seeing what Hidetaka Miyazaki could do with Pirates (An Age of the Deep Sea... - though I could see Bloodborne being in the same world(s) of Dark Souls, just millennia later, it is a game of water.  I also have a sneaky suspicion that Dark Souls 3 takes place before 2 due to the state of the Firekeepers in 2.  Though I'd actually really like to see what Miyazaki could do with a space opera type genre.  Maybe a sci fi space horror game, similar to a Dead Space.

     The only concern I have for The Ringed City is I have a feeling that we'll loop around into an Ouroboros-like cyclical story.  He does like to play with time in DLCs and the trailer already shows off Earthen Peak, and the Bat Demon battle looks a hell of a lot like the original Firelink Shrine.  I'm also really crossing my fingers that Velka will finally make an appearance.  Or any of the other gods that fled Anor Londo.

     Three more weeks until our Ashen One journeys end.  I'll see you all at Firelink.

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