The Last of Us 2: Official Trailer and Thoughts

     Naughty Dog has brought us back to the lives of Ellie and Joel with the highly anticipated announcement of The Last of Us part 2.  They have yet to disappoint with a game, and I'd expressed hope that any sequels to this series would leave both Ellie and Joel out and go with other stories in the same world, but this does have me intrigued despite that fact.

     Before the Left Behind DLC dropped, I had talked about the ending being quite clear- Joel wasn't just selfishly lying for himself, he was giving Ellie a choice, and I think that simple fact will tie directly into this sequel.  Honestly, Naughty Dog will have a lot to live up to, and perhaps they can find a way to balance the intense emotional journey with some of the irritating game mechanics of the first game.  A good shiv shouldn't break after 2 damn uses.  It's a damned annoying mechanic in every single survival game made.

     I also wonder, but very much doubt, if they'll give us a small PS Vita game tie in.  Maybe some other stories in the world of The Last of Us, but done in a manner as Uncharted: The Golden Abyss was.

     The Last of Us 2 has no release date, and is "still in early development."

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