Marvel Future Fight: Doctor Strange FINALLY Announced

     Almost a year and a half after originally hearing about Doctor Strange's appearance (via rumors spied through the Eye of Amagotto) in Marvel Future Fight, he's finally leaving the Astral Plane and coming to the game.  It does make sense to save it to tie-in to the film release, but it's been so damn long!

     In addition to the Sorcerer Supreme in the 2.6.0 update, we'll be getting a slew of other related characters.  By the looks of it we'll be receiving multiple costumes for Strange himself, Baron Mordo, what appears to be multiple versions of The Ancient One, Wong, Clea, and Kaecilius.

     Once again, Netmarble is adding a ton of great characters on top of an ever-expanding playable roster.  This game just keeps getting better and better, and is without a doubt the best mobile Marvel game available.

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