Comics: Wrecked Ship (by Valentin Seiche) Review

     I ordered this from Peow! Studios after seeing it listed on Cory Walker's Tumblr way back in May.  It looked very interesting so I took a chance.  When Wrecked Ship arrived I was more than surprised.  This small volume (roughly 5.5 x 4 inches) is such wonderful find collecting 5 issues.

     Wrecked Ship is a simple tale of a space scavenger named Andre Melchoir.  His job is to find oddities for people, a kind of deep space Private Investigator, but more specifically he finds missing bodies, ID or documents, and various other things to provide information on what happened to the person in shipwrecks- he's hired find answers and collect the dead.  It can be a lonely job, but he needs the money.

     Things get a bit more complex when his newest job is a lot more than it first appeared.  He is hired to find a robot's head.  Not just any robot, a lady robot that was made to assist the lonely men in space.  An outlet for all their emotions, from love to anger.  She was made to feel, it appears that she saw and experienced the worst type of things from the owner.  Andre doubts both the sanity and trustworthiness of his current client leaving him in a state of questioning the ethics of this particular job.  This is a hugely disturbing situation for him, and that makes Andre rethink his job.  He feels for the bot, and not for the cruel and abusive human.  It makes him question what the employer wants with the head.

    What Seiche has done with Wrecked Ship is make a good argument for the life of robots, and a good case for feelings that aren't necessarily human.  It makes a wonderful statement about what defines someone as a real person- and it doesn't simply mean being human.  Wrecked Ship is about what constitutes a life.
     The story really gets good when Andre decides to do some good to help the robot woman at the cost of more than his job.  I can't say anything more without potentially spoiling the story, but it takes a very heartfelt turn.  What Andre does and what happens is quite emotionally moving.  That being said, I would highly recommend this comic, Valentin Seiche has made a fan of me with Wrecked Ship, and I'll be buying all his future works that I can.

     Valentin Seiche's Tumblr [ AirFortress ]

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