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Hello any readers seeing this.
Quick updates:
1.  Here's a fun pic I took at the local Panera bread.  It's a mini snowman with food for a face.  First snowday here in Minnesota was a big one. 

2.  I've been working a ton at the hospital, and haven't had a whole lot of extra time.  

3.  What extra time there has been, I've been using to work on a novella/novel project for Nanowrimo.(http://www.nanowrimo.org/)  But even that is getting behind.  As of now I have just over 18000 words.  May not make the monthly word count of 50,000.  Oh well.

3.5.  While this may come off as terrible for the Nano project, I've also been working on the scripts or the next big Slugwheel comic project with Nick over at http://www.slugwheel.com/.  It's been a while, but we are working on a bunch of mini comics as filler for the site in the meantime.

4.  In between all this fun stuff I have been preparing for this year's Christmas/Holiday cards.  There is a single one in particular that I am super excited about.  I began working on it last year and couldn't get some of it to look right with it's perspective and textures. But if I can get it to work, it will be completely amazing.  That said, the digital will be less amazing than the planned printed card, which involves sliding panels and a fold out section.  Oh man!  SOOOOOO excited!!!

5.  I would like to thank whoever is still reading this blog.  I haven't been posting nearly as much as I should be.  So, dear readers,
     Thank you.

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