Heroes: Cold Snap

Heroes is beginning to turn around. I won't jump to any conclusions of permanence, but the show made a massive leap in the "right" direction.

Opening with the Puppet master tied up for Danko as a gift wrapped special from Sylar. How did Sylar catch him when he was not anywhere nearby. Did he pick up some abilities off-screen? Seriously, HOW IS HE GETTING PLACES SO DAMN FAST? (Like travelling from Pinehearst to Primatech at the end of Villains. Is he using telekinesis to fly?(when he killed Dale))
How is he finding them so fast?
I believe Danko will eventually try to kill Sylar and Sylar will make him suffer quite dearly for it. I mean Danko has already expressed a hatred for ALL specials, while they still haven't indicated why he has this disgust. Although there was a mention by Angela of Danko somehow surviving a disastrous occurance long ago. Maybe he has hidden an ability, or was wronged/related to someone with a power?
I also still think Luke or Samson may show up again. Luke possibly following Sylar, and Samson possibly to get back into the Hunter mode. For the thrill, the competition.

And where is West, Molly, and the Haitian? I really wonder where she is, as her surrogate fathers(Mohinder and Matt) are out having crazy adventures. Or the Invisible man, he has got to be keeping tabs on some of these people.

Angela is now forced into running. Not many places she can go when she relied so long on manipulating everyone. Noah warns her not to go home, and she has a small dream like a minute in advance of being ambushed, and she sneaks off. Awfully convenient to have narcoleptic tendencies when your power relies on a somnambulistic state. Peter saves her and they end up in the Statue of Liberty. Symbolic? Perhaps.

Tracy escapes and leads a team to "Rebel" who is, big surprise, Micah. His voice has changed and now links to everything with a wireless phone/PDA. Sweet deal. He is definitely becoming more interesting.
Does anybody else think Tracy is not dead? I believe she has become more of a force, or part of nature. Her eye blinked and a tear was rolling down what was left of her face.

Baby Parkman, the "toddler-touch-and-go", seems to have a fairly unique power. He can apparently turn things on or off. Very interesting, as he gave Hiro a portion of his old ability back. He can stop time, but no longer has the power to warp space. I wonder how this may alter other powers? (If Ando cranked up Pintsize Parkman, could he theoretically turn off powers everywhere without touching?
It is also worth a thought that Peter's current situation is also related to actually having to physically touch another person, so could Parkman Jr. return the old power?
The Haitian uses touch to subdue consciousness(knock out) and erase memory.
Ando has finally started to use his power for something more than an assist. YAY for red electricity.

Parkman is getting infinitely more powerful with his telepathy. Making a group of people appear invisible to a group of other people is a good show of growth on his part. Then he makes an entire world in Daphne's mind in an attempt to give her a fantasy ending. A good send off for her. I also believe that Parkman is slowly becoming like his father. Not completely a nightmare man, but all the crap and loss he is suffering could be pushing him into taking action. I also think he is one of the few people that could take on Sylar. On the Mental plane, he is becoming ultra powerful. Sylar may be physically able, but his mind can still be screwed with. Think of the Haitian's power, is it mental? If so Parkman may be able to access that mind, and shut Sylar down. Parkman could eliminate memories, or create false ones. Sylar needs to examine the brain, then gets the ability, and Parkman can do anything with the brain. This may be an overlooked point to think about. Many avenues of possability.

I look forward to good things for the show again.
Hopefully the Heroes team can keep it up.

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